Traker is a single unified platform that integrates all operational resources and telecommunications systems used in the call center business.

The solution is 100% web-based providing access to our clients and to our network of experts. It provides complete transparency regarding every transaction and client, enabling us to provided enhanced levels of service and support. Our clients are able to access the system directly and monitor all activities, manage their knowledge databases, etc. anywhere at anytime. End users can also access the public knowledge database entries.

Traker's Main Functional modules include:
  • Telephone, E-Mail and Fax Ticketing
  • Customer Profile Management
  • Call Logging
  • Multiple Knowledge Database Management(Private and Public)
  • Advanced Search Module (History Management)
  • Outbound Campaign Management

Telephone, E-Mail and Fax Ticketing features

  • Unique Transaction ID Generation: meaning that every transaction can be tracked with ease
  • Complete Transaction history & transparency
  • Advanced Search functionality
  • Realtime Statistics: Clients can access statistics
  • Workflow Management & Ticket Escalation mechanisms ensuring that all E-Mails / Tickets / Calls are answered within the predefined handling times
  • Automatic Status Updates to experts and client regarding a ticket in progress
  • Quality Control: Copies of all answered e-mails can be sent our co-operation partners for review
  • Custom Web Form for submission of tickets
  • Ticket Categorisation & Statistics e.g. Product, Fault, etc

Customer Profile Management

The ability to create end user profiles is a powerful feature enabling every end user using the service to have their own profile and full contact history. This information may also be very useful for our clients as a source of information for enabling customer newsletters, product update news, product recalls, etc.

Call Logging/Anruf Qualifizierung

By call logging we aim to log every single inbound call and qualify them according to co-operation partner, helpline, product, call reason, etc. Every logged call will end with a possible result of Successful, Unsuccessful, Trouble Ticket Raised, etc. Enabling Wirecard to provide its clients with detailed data on their products and why people are calling or e-mailing requests. This information then enables Wirecards clients to use the gained information to improve their products or services.

Features include:
  • Call logging functionality enabling all calls to be qualified as desired by the cooperation partners.
  • Call Categorisation
  • Unique Call Logging Reference ID
  • Establishing good customer rapport by being able to trace the customers complete contact history.

Knowledge Database / Wissensdatenbank
The knowledge database module is a very powerful Traker module. The knowledge database can be split into a both internal and public access interface. Allowing agents as well as cooperation partners to create and manage knowledge database entries and deciding which entries are to be internal and which entries are to be public.

Features of the database include:
  • Customisable to cooperation partner look & feel
  • Excellent search functionality
  • Text, Graphics, Attachments
  • Top 10 accessed topics
  • Last 5 new entries
  • Knowledge Database Entry Rating system: Allowing clients to rate knowledge database entries
  • Top 10 RSS Feed capability: Enabling real time RSS feed to cooperation partner website.

Search Module Features

The search modules searching capabilities are extensive providing many parameters with which relevant transactions can be traced and viewed.

Outbound Campaign Management

This module is specifically at outbound call centre activities and enables agents participate in outbound campaigns by initiating all outdials directly from the web interface, accesing campaign data and initiating follow up actions.
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